Simple Solution to RSS Feeds

By Marietjie Botha

I am quite new to Web developing. I was very proud of myself when I developed my own Website. The next step was to bring traffic to my site. After surfing the web I came across an article that suggested having a RSS Feed on my site to which people can subscribe to and which will keep them informed of all new products added to my site. Again I surfed the web to find out what RSS Feeds were. After many hours of reading Wiki and lots of articles, which confused me a lot, I finally figured out how to do this, and that it was actually really simple. I would now like to share with you 4 simple steps to add your own RSS feed to your Website:

1) Create a XML file with all the articles, product descriptions, your Website headlines or whatever you would like to appear in your feed, if you are not familiar with creating XML files, download a RSS Feed Editor to do this for you, you will find quit a few free editors on the Web. I have used RSSEditor.

2) After creating the XML file, Upload the XML file to your host, you can upload the XML file to any directory in your Website.

3) Add a RSS Feed icon to one or all of your web pages. Add a link to the image pointing to the RSS feed URL, i.e. the XML file which you have uploaded.

4) Now upload the page/pages on which you have added the Feed icon and link to your host and voila you've got a RSS Feed of your Website!

Example XML File: http://www.retaildaddy.com/RetailDaddy.xml

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