What is the Best RSS Reader For Windows?

By Virginia Daley

A windows RSS Feed Reader will allow you to quickly and easily subscribe to your favourite blog feeds and constantly update you with the latest news and updates. Some applications are stand alone while others are web based and you can only access them through your web browser. You can view the content of blog feeds either on the net using a site like yahoo or by downloading a free RSS reader software.

News aggregators and RSS feed readers are primarily the same thing. News aggregators can read any feed but their primary use is to view the latest news. Many mobile devices also support feeds too so they are not only available at your PC.

Free RSS Readers

Google has a free news feed reader which is very easy to use, yet quite comprehensive.

Bloglines also has one that doesn't involve any software installation. However, it is not as comprehensive as Google's in my opinion.

SharpReader is a great organizer with virtual folders included.

Newzcrawler has been specifically designed to keep you up to date with the latest breaking news worldwide.

Pluck is quite a novel application which actually plucks the latest information from your favourite websites online and plucks it then straight to your web browser such as IE.

My personal free version is Awasu. What makes it my number one choice is the fact that it's very easy to enhance it with specific plugins. Its interface is also very user friendly and quite enjoyable to use.

There are so many high quality free versions out there that I don't believe you need to spend any money at all finding the right reader for you.

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