Tips to Boost RSS Subscribers

By Sean Quah

RSS feeds or Real Simple Syndication is a technology that allows users to subscribe to websites, blogs, video blogs and pod casts, basically helping users to keep track of all their favorite sites and blogs without having to go searching each and every site for new updates.

It is a way for publishers and advertisers to get content out and it also helps in running online businesses and people who work from home. It is gaining popularity in recent times but still there is a need to boost RSS subscribers otherwise the benefits of news syndication are lost. There are ways to increase the subscribers to your news feed.

Firstly using a RSS auto tag by which the readers will know that your web page has a provision of using RSS news feeds thus you do not have to push your RSS feed, the browser does it for you for example web browsers like Fire fox now detect RSS automatically and ask the visitor if he or she wants to subscribe your feed.

Secondly by submitting your feed to RSS directories so that when the users are looking for RSS news feeds and go to RSS directory, they find your feed and if interested can subscribe to it. That is why it is important to submit to as many directories as you can and if you are looking to save time with RSS directory submission then Global Syndication can help you to submit your feed to top 45 directories for under $10. You can do it from working from home or at work.

Thirdly by creating an RSS Landing page which will make things simple for the first time users to understand the concept of RSS and to start using your feed and the best way to do it is to create a separate page on the site describing the news feeds you are offering plus the information of RSS in general.

Finally, by creating a branded RSS News Reader which will save the beginners user time and prevent them from the hassle of figuring out how to get a feed reader and subscribe to it. After following the above mentioned tips you will have a boost in your RSS subscribers and in turn you will succeed in driving more traffic to your website and also you can take this work as a part time job and work from home.

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